The Killing of Emily Chandler (paperback & kindle)

The Killing of Emily Chandler is available in paperback and kindle formats.


Digital Romance Disorder (paperback & kindle)

Digital Romance Disorder is available in paperback and kindle formats.


The Sound Of Crying (paperback & kindle)

The Sound Of Crying is available in paperback and kindle formats.


S.U.N.D.S (paperback & kindle)

SUNDS is available in paperback and kindle formats.


Boy (paperback & kindle)

Boy is available in paperback and kindle formats.


Sophia (paperback & kindle)

Sophia is available in paperback and kindle formats.


Email From A Vampire (paperback & kindle)

Email From A Vampire is available in paperback and kindle formats.


Bad Night (kindle)

Bad Night is available for kindle on Amazon.


The Author


Nigel pubNigel Cooper was born in England, UK. He grew up in the Lake District, but later moved down south to London.

Nigel wouldn’t really want to work for any company that would employ him, he has been self-employed for most of his working life as a: photographer, classical pianist, private investigator, video producer, magazine founder/editor, columnist and journalist.

During his early years Nigel also had several inconsequential jobs including: working as a stretch limousine driver, a chauffeur and a one-man bus driver/operator for London Transport – he still has his PSV (Public Service Vehicle) licence, badge and pass to prove it.

While in the employment of another company he actually got fired for being too efficient at what he did; piece-work at a belt factory in Queens Crescent, North London. It upset the other factory workers that he was earning three times as much money as they were. The boss (sad as it made him) had to let Nigel go due to the unrest and tension it caused on the factory floor.

Of the menial jobs where Nigel was employed, they never lasted more than nine months; at least his boredom threshold didn’t. Working as a commis chef, a bus driver and a salesman, all ended after nine months, or slightly premature to this. The fact that these jobs lasted the term of a pregnancy is purely coincidental.

His shortest term of employment lasted only three hours; his personal best record. This was during his first ever job as an apprentice barber in Swiss Cottage, North London. Three hours of sweeping up hair, refilling shampoo bottles and cleaning sinks was all he could take – he left at lunchtime.

Later, he got serious and studied screenwriting in London where he learned the art and craft of creative writing for film and television. In 1999 he set up his own video production company specialising in corporate video and he also undertook television work as a freelance lighting cameraman. Then in 2004 he became the founder/editor of a specialist video production magazine. Although it was hugely successful, he sold the magazine in November 2011 in order to focus on writing fiction.

In 2001 Nigel completed a 1-year intensive study course, attaining a diploma in Private Investigation. For a short while he worked as a freelance private investigator working with two local solicitor firms in Cambridgeshire. Today, this knowledge and experience comes in handy with his crime writing.

Nigel has had many years' experience as a writer of technical articles, tutorials, stories, reviews, news and journalism, not only for his own magazine, but also for many other well-known publications, magazines and newspapers. It was during these years as a writer, journalist and magazine editor that he found his 'voice', which made his transition to becoming a novelist an easy one.

In 2011 Nigel had an overwhelming desire to move into fiction writing so he set about researching his debut novel in the dark romance vampire genre. This desire had been smouldering inside him for a few years. Having seen various classic vampire movies in the past he decided to write a vampire story that he himself would want to read – something organic and tangible. After extensive research and planning Nigel completed his debut novel, Email From A Vampire, which was published in July 2012.

After more research and writing during 2013 he completed his second novel, Sophia – a psychological thriller. Sophia was published in January 2014.

In 2014 (after a friend suggested it) Nigel also wrote his own harrowing and disturbing autobiographical childhood memoir entitled Boy – a compelling, gripping, and powerfully written true story. Boy was published in August 2015 by Ebury, Penguin Random House, and has come in for much praise.

He has since written a supernatural thriller entitled S.U.N.D.S, a gripping crime thriller entitled The Sound Of Crying, a romantic comedy entitled Digital Romance Disorder and a pacy psychological thriller entitled The Killing of Emily Chandler.

Nigel writes across a diverse range of genres including: contemporary fiction, psychological thrillers, crime and supernatural.

Nigel attained a degree in classical piano performance in his late twenties and loves nothing more than to sit and play Beethoven and Bach when he isn't writing. Also, being a Hi-Fi nut and a vinyl connoisseur he can often be found in Market Hill in Cambridge browsing through the numerous used vinyl stalls in the hope of picking up a mint condition first pressing of ‘Selling England by the Pound’ or ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. He's a huge movie fan too, and can often be found browsing in Fopps music shop in Cambridge. Nigel also loves a good game of badminton and during the summer months he enjoys a picnic under a tree along the river Cam.

Nigel lives and writes in Cambridgeshire, UK.