The 95,000 Word Suicide Note

The 95,000 Word Suicide Note is available in paperback and kindle formats.


The Killing of Emily Chandler (paperback & kindle)

The Killing of Emily Chandler is available in paperback and kindle formats.


Digital Romance Disorder (paperback & kindle)

Digital Romance Disorder is available in paperback and kindle formats.


The Sound Of Crying (paperback & kindle)

The Sound Of Crying is available in paperback and kindle formats.


S.U.N.D.S (paperback & kindle)

SUNDS is available in paperback and kindle formats.


Boy (paperback & kindle)

Boy is available in paperback and kindle formats.


Sophia (paperback & kindle)

Sophia is available in paperback and kindle formats.


Email From A Vampire (paperback & kindle)

Email From A Vampire is available in paperback and kindle formats.


Bad Night (kindle)

Bad Night is available for kindle on Amazon.


Reviews & Praise



Digital Romance DisorderAn entertaining read! Nick is on a quest to find love – but will he find it on Internet dating sites? He finds himself more prey than predator but perseveres anyway. Some very amusing scenarios…’s a jungle out there, Tarzan, when all you want to do is to find Jane!” ~ Louise, Amazon

“This novel cracked me up no end. The humour shines through as expected from this author who has been a great find on Amazon for me. The story follows the main character, Nick Ryder, as he goes on one disastrous date after another and finds himself in situations he’d rather not be in, which is frighteningly close to some of my mates lives right now! Seriously funny. Great read for guys who will find something to relate to I'm sure, and great insight for girls to see what perils we poor men have to endure. Prepare to LOL...” Charlene, Amazon

“What a great summer read. Bloody funny, the situations the main character finds himself in are hilarious. Dating’s a funny old game in the modern digital age and this story is so true to life it will ring true with anybody who’s ever been on a dating site.” Jon Jordan, Amazon

“I had just finished reading War and Peace and was in desperate need of something a bit lighter. This jolly romp through the perils of internet dating was just what I needed!” ~ Danny, Amazon

“Very funny, I really enjoy reading it. Congratulation to the author.” ~ Estrella, Amazon



The Sound Of Crying

A nightmare scenario no-one would like to face. And it's dark ... boy is it dark.” ~ Paul Finch

“If you’re into close-to-the-bone crime thrillers you should read Nigel Cooper’s latest crime novel, The Sound Of Crying. it is a great read, one of those books you just cannot put down. Be warned, its not for the squeamish though!” ~ Richard Fortune, Amazon

“So refreshing to read a genuine tense 'can't put down' thriller that doesn't follow the mainstream rules. I've read another one of the author's novels and again he doesn't fail to deliver the balance of shock, twists, depth in characters and pace that makes it so hard to turn the light out at night.” Charlene, Amazon

“Wow, what a rollercoaster of a ride, a totally brilliant crime thriller. I have to admit, I found some parts disturbing, but it needed to be that way to justify the revenge. I was totally gripped and have never read a crime novel quite like this one. A refreshingly brilliant read.” Louise, Amazon 

“I really enjoyed this. Not for the faint hearted at all! So much grittier than other Cambridge based Crime novels. Hopefully this will be the first in a series.” Jon, Amazon

“I have to say that this is probably the best crime novel I’ve read this decade. Fast-paced with lots of twists and turns and cat and mouse activity that keeps the reader on their toes. This novel sits well and truly in the ‘hard boiled’ crime camp, as apposed to the ‘cosy crime’ end of the spectrum. In fact, it might even be a little close to the bone and disturbing for even seasoned hard boiled crime readers, but I loved it right to the end. A very worthy 5 stars.” Jon Jordon, Amazon




“A seriously good supernatural read with a realistic edge to it. I hadn’t heard of SUNDS before and I certainly didn’t realise it is an actual recognised medical condition, which makes this story creepy in a realistic way. An original story and fresh idea that will get you thinking.” Charlene, Amazon

Wow! what a refreshing supernatural novel, definitely not the norm. I’d never heard of SUNDS and I was amazed to find out that such a strange phenomenon actually exists. Fusing a real life idea with the supernatural was a clever one. A brilliant read, highly recommended.” Jon, Amazon

Having read – and enjoyed – other novels by this author (Email From A Vampire & Sophia) I thought I’d give his latest one a go, and I have to say I enjoyed it just as much, if not more. I was a little perplexed by the title but the jacket blurb soon clarified the meaning. SUNDS is a disturbing tale that will haunt you long after you’ve finished reading it.” Karen, Amazon

“A good page-turner. Plenty of gore and horror - Stephen King and James Herbert fans will not be disappointed. Embedded in the plot is factual research of the medically and anthropologically documented SUNDS - a convincing touch, and the story reads like an inverse Da Vinci Code mixed with the Exorcist in a setting that links past, present, and possibly future? I hope the author will write a sequel!” Musician, Amazon 

Not my usual read, but I was intrigued by the idea behind this story and, I’m glad to say, it didn’t disappoint.” Customer, Amazon

“I wanted to try a read that was different to my usual taste and I have read and enjoyed this author before. So I wasn't surprised that the description on the cover drew me in. The story got a hold of me immediately, a fascinating, if not somewhat disturbing read. I was gripped from start to finish. It is a well written mixture of imagination wrapped around a core of factual information. Well worth a read.” Robin, Amazon




“Visceral, heart-wrenching and utterly compelling.” ~ Mikey Walsh, author of the international best-selling Gypsy Boy

Heartbreaking and harrowing in equal measure. An honest, moving and important memoir.” Emma Higginbotham, Cambridge News

“Boy is a shocking, compelling, harrowing read. Although a true memoir, it is beautifully crafted like a novel. I shed many tears reading about Nigel’s sad and brutal childhood, incredulous at the attitudes and behaviours of the adult staff in so-called ‘care’ homes. Desperate to be loved, Nigel was abused in every possible way by those around him. It’s a heart-rending story that had to be told – a boy robbed of his childhood in an era when children weren’t valued like they are today.” Louise Wessman, Goodreads

“Five stars for the amazing writing and courage in telling such a painful story. A harrowing read.” Ruby, Goodreads

“Couldn't put this book down. My goodness what a book.” Gale, Amazon

Mr Cooper's memoir is touching, with an unflinching depiction of reality written up in what can only be described as a page turner. A memoir unlike any I have read.” Anja, Amazon

By far the best book I've ever read.” Maree Hanson, Amazon



SophiaAn insanely addictive read. Sophia is a powerful and moving story that has, at its heart, one of the most compelling characters I've ever read. Sophia's journey is brilliantly written, with a host of memorable supporting characters, leading to a devastating and unpredictable conclusion. This book will stay with you long after you've finished it.” Amy Cross, international best selling author

“I was surprised and very impressed with all the details and twists in this novel. After the descriptions in the beginning, the book is a real page turner after Chapter 4. I couldn't put it down and therefore finished it in a couple of days. As a classical concert cellist myself and with Nigel's attention to detail, I could really relate to Sophia. When horrible things were happening to her and her cello, it felt like it was happening to me and my cello and I could really feel her pain. I will not include any details here, but there was a point in the book where I actually shed some tears (and I don't ever cry when reading!). At times like this, it was even harder to put the book down! Having read the authors first novel, Email From A Vampire, I was quite surprised with the different genre of this book, but it is just as amazing as the first one. Classical musician or not, everyone should read it!” Katarina Majcen, concert Cellist

“A must read,I could not put it down. Well written with a fantastic eye for detail. The story line was brilliant.” L. Liptrot, Amazon

“As a Nigel Cooper fan (Email from a Vampire was addictive!) I really didn't expect to be gripped by Sophia, but I have to say I was, and read it within a few days! I enjoyed getting to know Sophia from the beginning and felt I really knew her as I went further into the book. Her personality and it's many changes really kept me guessing and I needed to know what happened to her in the end. Sophia was one of those books where you felt the character's emotions and, for me, I sometimes felt I related to her. All in all, a very good read which keeps you guessing right until the end, and leaves you wanting to read it again!” Jolily, Amazon

“Never having read this author I bought the book based on the reviews ,and was not disappointed . Like everyone else I had to get through the first two chapters ,then the author leads you into the life of Sophia which at times can be a little manic !! the further into the book you get the more you need to know what happened next!! I couldn't put the book down , plus when you get to the last chapter your first thought is I didn't see that coming , a very good read.” Gloria Chubb - Amazon

“Sophia is compelling and complex, with an unusual storyline. Nigel Cooper's Sophia, a virtuoso cellist, is launched on a journey no nicely brought up musician expects to travel. Shocking and sensual, this book was one I needed to finish.” Ruth, Amazon



Email From A Vampire“I really enjoyed this book from cover to cover. Good progression, atmosphere and characters. This book is also modestly mature, I didn't get that teen pop feel from it that a lot of modern stuff has.” Faramous, Amazon

“Superb! what a beautiful read indeed. Easy going, nothing too complex that has your mind struggling to keep up. This story just flowed so naturally and the author has a great style and an incredible way of telling a story. The descriptions are amazing, I totally felt like I was in every scene. You can almost taste the blood.” Laura, Amazon

“A very interesting take on a vampire story. I found the different approach and ideology refreshing.” Pixie, Amazon

“I think I've found a new favourite book of all time. I've just spent four days reading it, and I'm totally in awe of this book. I've also just spent the past thirty minutes in tears over the ending.” Me, Amazon

“Email From A Vampire was a book that grabbed me and held me right to the end. Well written and in the style of Anne Rice but more than that held its own.” JimJam, Amazon

“Was recommended by a friend and not the usual reading material I would choose but could not put it down. The author had a way of making you actually believe the characters to be real.” Derek R, Amazon

“Fantastic story, it's refreshing to read a slightly different vampire storyline, I'm looking forward to more from Nigel in the future!” Judes, Amazon

“I read this book on holiday It gripped me from the very beginning. I felt that I needed to find out what was happening next and found it hard to put the book down. The story flowed throughout. It's not like any other book that I have read, it has a modern twist to the story but also in keeping with the old vampire stories that are out there. If you liked true blood or twilight then definitely read this novel.” Steve, Amazon

“I've just finished Email From A Vampire and I have to say congratulations to the author, I really enjoyed it. The storyline was very strong and maintained my interest throughout. I did reach the stage where I couldn't wait to find out what happened next, which is (I suppose) what any novelist wants to do to their readers. I guess when writing about something that doesn't really exist (although I'm not absolutely certain after reading this novel!), but in a contemporary setting, it must be difficult keeping the continuity together around the bits that are real. But this was achieved very well throughout, using well researched content. It was a very good blend of fantasy, in a very real and plausible setting. Excellent!” Robin, Amazon